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Alternative real money games

Playing games of chance online, placing a few bets on sports or perhaps even participate at online poker tournaments seems to be the choice for most players who want to have fun an use the opportunity to win a few quid. However, playing real money games online is no longer restricted to the particular categories I have mentioned above.

More and more players decided to try out other alternatives to the usual casino games or sports books. There are for example more and more virtual bingo halls, as well as dice-game of skill games sites pop up like mushrooms on the internet. Not everybody likes the idea of betting on sports or feeding the virtual slots and card tables with wagers, without having fun or good winning options.

You already can chose from a massive selection of websites that specialize in skill games, such as backgammon, solitaire, even boardgames such as Monopoly with and for real money. Playing alternative real money games online like those is not only entertaining bit social, competitive and rewarding at the same time. Most sites not only offer free trials, but free tournaments, also known as freerolls, too. The latest hype though is - competitive online multi-player games sites where, for a fee or free, players can battle it out and the best players at the end will get a prize.

While every games website features certain game, wagering and participation offers, it’s natural to check them out and give the trials chance. Be aware that some sites might stipulate that your potential cash prize or merchandise will be paid or handed out only when you open and real money account with a minimum deposit, so check it out beforehand.