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Online slot machines get more and more popular every day. No doubt, all players who prefer to play slots online dream of finding an internet site that will tell them everything about various slots machines and all slots offered by the top online casinos. Here you are! Read the best casino games reviews at out website and play best casino games wherever you wish! The handy chart below will provide you with information on the most advantageous conditions various online casinos offer .

Online casino is a place where players can spend free time and relax after a hard week. All you have to do is to download the software and start the game. Online roulette, , slots and keno provide players with good emotions to feel at ease. All these games are the most popular in online casino industry. Slots are one of the most played casino games because of its relevant simplicity. Despite the elementary rules of the game, there are some slots specific terms every slots enthusiast should know.

Bonus Multiplier Slots – Machines offering proportionally larger top jackpots when you play max coins. The top jackpot symbol, (usually 7s) pays when max coins are deposited.

Double Machines (Doublers) – When designated symbols line up, double machines pay double or triple winnings.

Multiplier Slots – Machines that pay on a graduated scale. For example, a winner plays one coin and receives 5 coins, pays 2 coins and receives 10 or more coins, etc.
Wild Symbol – The slot machine equivalent of a joker symbol in cards.
Pay Line – Usually the line in the center in the window, the line on
which the designated symbols must align in order to receive a payout. Some machines have multiple pay lines.

Multi-Line – Slot machines with two or more pay lines.

Patterns – Random short-term statistical trends, not to be confused with long-term statistical averages. The short-term trend may be better or worse than the long-term average.
Credit Meter – Tallies the credits earned rather than dropping coins in the tray after each win.
Max Bet – The maximum number of coins (in land based casinos) allowed on each spin. Often, you must play the max bet on a machine to qualify for the jackpot.

Jackpots – The largest prize at any given slot machine.
Progressive Jackpot – The top jackpot that grows progressively as more coins are dropped into the machine. Machines are sometimes linked together among several casinos to form a larger combined jackpot. A linked group of slots with a growing jackpot is called Progressive Slots.
Static – A jackpot that is pre-determined and does not change.

Straight Slots – Machines that pay out fixed amounts that are posted on the front of the machine.
Pay Cycle – Many people believe that online blackjack casinos run on pay cycles: after the machines takes a certain amount of money, it pays out a certain amount of money. This is why people look for a machine that hasn’t ‘hit’ for a period of time. In fact, slot machines pay out on a percentage basis over a long period of time, typically up to one year, not in short-term cycles.
Payout Percentage – The percentage that the slot machine returns to the player, often calculated over a year’s time.

RNG (Random Number Generator) – Computerized slots are programmed by the manufacturer to randomly select numbers on a continuous basis whether the machine is in play or standing idle. Each number corresponds to a pattern of symbols, with the fewest numbers corresponding to jackpots. The same chip that generates the numbers is programmed with the slot’s average payout, and determines the generated numbers based on the average payout.

Hopefully, this short glossary will be of use to all slots players, and will help you feel more at ease when playing slots or communicating with fellow-gamblers!