Slot Machine Etiquette for the Average Player

There is such a thing as etiquette in slots, even if it does sound a bit odd. It doesn’t matter whether one plays three reel, five reel, video, or even spela scarface – people need to practice proper slot machine etiquette when playing in a live casino. If you’re playing all alone enjoying the comforts of home in an online slot game, then not all of these rules will apply.

Not that many people think that there are rules on proper etiquette when playing slots. Well, the fact of the matter is that playing a slot machine is pretty much a very solitary game. The only time slots players get to compete with another player is during a slot tournament. However, even in a tournament, players do not actually directly interact with one another.

Slots Etiquette

There are only a few rules on etiquette where slots are concerned, so players don’t really have to jog their heads trying to remember them. The first one of course has something to do with vacant seats or vacant slot machines. If a player sees a vacant slot machine, it doesn’t automatically mean that that slots game is unoccupied.

If there is a coin cup on the vacant slot machine then that would signify that the said slots game isn’t really vacant. It simply means that the current occupant had to leave for a quick minute either to go to the bathroom or at least grab some needed change. It would be against protocol to use the said machine.

The same is true if there is a coin cup on the seat in front of the slot machine or on the machine’s handle. If the casino only has coin-less machines then expect to see the user’s personal belongings on the chair or on the machine itself like a coat, jacket, or hat. Now, in case you’re the one who left the article in front of the machine, please get back to the game as soon as possible.

Another bit of slots etiquette is playing multiple machines. This is unacceptable conduct especially when the casino is already packed with a lot of people. Another incident to keep in mind is when other players forget to remove their slots card when they’re done playing.

The proper thing to do is to just leave the other player’s slots card on top of the machine since they may come back for it later. Another bit of etiquette has to do with giving tips. In case one has made quite a handsome reward playing slots, it will be customary to at least give something to the personnel manning their station at the slot machine.