Slots and its variants

Among the many gambling games that are played in the casinos, both in real houses or in online casinos, slotting machines is the most popular game. This is why slotting machines are responsible for 70% of the total income of the casinos.

The main variants in online slotting machines are classic 3 reel slots, players can get interactive slots with a welcoming BONUS

Here it may not be too unspecific if I wish to tell you that the slotting machine was first invented by Charles Fey in 1887. Classic 3 reel slots are just the computerized edition of the slotting machine. The class 3 reel slots are easy to play and are most suited to new players. This is because of the format of Charles 3 reel slots which is straight forward without any complications.

The 5 reel slot machines are now called video slots. These video slots machine is supported by bonus such as free spins.

There is one type of slot machines which is very popular in UK and is called fruit machine which is adoringly termed as ‘amusement with prize- games’.

The other type of slotting machine, the online progressive slotting machine creates jackpot which accumulate minute by minute. The deposits are collected online from players from various casinos. These machines may have 3 reels and 5 reels slots. Bonuses and more number of pay lines also accompany these slots. You may avail 3 reels 3 pay lines slot to 5 reels 15 pay line slots. First online jackpot in progressive slotting machine was cash Splash.

The software for these online gambling games is supplied by software companies. About 150 software companies are engaged in this industry to provide them with software. You can judge the amount of money which plays in this sector of casino industry.

The pioneer in the development of casino software is Microgaming who developed the first such software in 1994. 70% of the revenue earned from the online casinos is owing to Microgaming Software Company.

The pay lines of slotting machines vary from 1 to 100. Cashapillar is the first slotting machine with 100 pay line which was brought into the casinos by Microgaming during the year 2008.

Online slotting machines again have two versions, download version and non download version. Because of more choice of games the download version of slotting machine is more popular.

So with this you now have quite a good overview of online slotting machine and the relative merits and demerits of online gaming and real casino house gaming.

But one point of caution must be mentioned at last. The game of gambling is for enjoyment and fun by playing with limited risks and occasional winnings. Try to take it in the spirit of sports and never lose control over yourself. You are not here to destroy your family by pulling in your domestic budget. Restrain yourself to the money allocated for your enjoyment business only. Do not generate the feeling of obstinacy when faced with repeated losses or a sense of greed when winning online slots.
Here you will find a list of best online casinos for slots and other casino games.